GEMOS - Interface driver

High availability and secure interfaces are the basis for the smooth-functioning linking of third-party systems to management systems. Intelligent interfaces provide a separate driver for coupling with every third-party system.

The GEMOS driver is independently run-capable and a self-contained software component that, on the one hand, speaks the language of the third-party trade and, on the other hand, speaks "GEMOS". Thanks to its autonomy, the GEMOS driver can work on separate hardware like on the GEMOS controller under WINDOWS Embedded or Linux. The benefit of using separate hardware is that the system load of the main server can be considerably reduced. If several interfaces are used, these can be separated from each other logically and also spatially.

Individual interface drivers can also be 100% redundantly linked to GEMOS in conjunction with the HA agent GEMOS redundant module. Both drivers run simultaneously (if desired also on separate hardware) and are permanently monitored for function via the GEMOS HA agent. If the driver or a third-party trade interface malfunctions, the HA agent switches to the second one, and the GEMOS operator is notified of the malfunction via an error report. The communication between GEMOS and the third-party trade, however, remains unrestricted.

All important hardware parameters are read out and, if necessary, presented as an event in the GEMOS user interface with the GEMOS SNMP status monitor. If, for example, the temperature of a hardware component is too high, for example, a defined threshold alarm can be generated so that appropriate measures can be implemented before the affected component fails.

GEMOS - Schnittstellentreiber
Interface driver