1. 1&1 Internet AG Karlsruhe, Germany
  2. Airbus Industries Stade, Germany
  3. Aktion Mensch, Bonn, Germany
  4. Allianz Arena Munich, Germay
  5. Arts center Karlsruhe, Germany
  6. Austria lottery, Vienna, Austria
  7. Axel Springer Verlag Berlin, Germany
  8. Bank Verlag Cologne, Germany
  9. Banque Générale du Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  10. BAYER AG Dormagen, Germany
  11. BAYER AG Leverkusen, Germany
  12. BAYER AG Uerdingen, Germany
  13. Benrather Karree Duesseldorf, Germany
  14. BHF BANK AG Frankfurt, Germany
  15. Bitburger Brewery Bitburg, Germany
  16. Bombardier Train Manufacturing Plant Hennigsdorf, Germany
  17. Brodschrangen, Hamburg, Germany
  18. Bundeswehr mobile monitoring-units, Germany
  19. BVV Insurance Association of the Banking Industry Berlin, Germany
  20. Car Center Cologne, Germany
  21. Castle of Branitz Cottbus, Germany
  22. Castle of Rheinsberg, Germany
  23. City administration Neubrandenburg, Germany
  24. City Carré Berlin, Germany
  25. City hall of Neubrandenburg, Germany
  26. Clinical center Magdeburg non-profit limited liability company under German law (GmbH), Germany
  27. Clinical center Suhl, Germany
  28. Commercial bank, Poznan, Poland
  29. Computer science center, Nürnberg, Germany
  30. DaimlerChrysler AG Berlin, Germany
  31. DaimlerChrysler Gaggenau, Germany
  32. Daimler Chrysler Ludwigsfelde, Germany
  33. debis Tower Berlin, Germany
  34. DEKA Bank Skyper Frankfurt, Germany
  35. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Bielefeld, Germany
  36. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Essen, Germany
  37. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Hagen, Germany
  38. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Leipzig, Germany
  39. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Munich, Germany
  40. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Ostbahnhof Berlin, Germany
  41. Deutsche Bahn 3-S-Center Rostock, Germany
  42. Deutsche Bahn, ESTW Langenhagen, Germany
  43. Deutsche Bank AG Düsseldorf, Germany
  44. Deutsche Bank Berlin, Germany
  45. Deutsche Bank Direkt Berlin, Germany
  46. Deutsche Lufthansa in Frankfurt, Germany
  47. Deutsche Post Immobilien Bonn, Germany
  48. Dow Chemicals Stade, Germany
  49. DREWAG Dresden, Germany
  50. Embassy of Hungary in Berlin, Germany
  51. Embassy of India in Berlin, Germany
  52. Eschborn Plaza, Frankfurt, Germany
  53. Esplanade, Hamburg, Germany
  54. European Central Bank Frankfurt, Germany
  55. Federal Chancellery Berlin, Germany
  56. Federal Criminal Police Office Berlin, Germany
  57. Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices Bonn, Germany
  58. Federal Labour Court Erfurt, Germany
  59. Federal Press Office Berlin, Germany
  60. Federal State Bank Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, Germany
  61. Federal State Bank Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz, Germany
  62. Fielmann Rathenow, Germany
  63. Focus Mediport Berlin, Germany
  64. Foundation Giersch Frankfurt, Germany
  65. Geopoz in Poznan, Poland
  66. German Savings Bank Association (DSGV), Germany
  67. Grünes Gitter Potsdam, Germany
  68. GSW Berlin, Germany
  69. Hahn-Meitner-Institute Berlin, Germany
  70. Hanseatic Trade Center, Germany
  71. Hansedom Stralsund, Germany
  72. Hospital Buch (Berlin), Germany
  73. Hospital of Moabit Berlin, Germany
  74. Hospital Parsberg II, Germany
  75. IBM Mainz, Germany
  76. IGMET AG Frankfurt, Germany
  77. Juvenile prison Arnstadt, Germany
  78. Juvenile prison Kieferngrund in Berlin, Germany
  79. Kaiserswerther Diakonie, Germany
  80. Kalk Karree Cologne, Germany
  81. Karl-Bonhoeffer Psychiatric clinic Berlin, Germany
  82. Kastner & Öhler Graz, Austria
  83. KPMG Chartered Accoutants Düsseldorf, Germany
  84. Kranzler-Eck Berlin, Germany
  85. Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann Berlin, Germany
  86. Linde Industrial Gases, Germany
  87. LSG - Logistic Solutions Group Ostfildern, Germany
  88. Marienhospital Stuttgart, Germany
  89. Max-Planck-Institute Cologne, Germany
  1. Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart, Germany
  2. Messe Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Messe München International Munich, Germany
  4. MIBRAG - Central German Brown Coal Company, Germany
  5. Ministry of Finances Warsaw, Poland
  6. Ministry of Interior of North-Rhine Westphalia Düsseldorf, Germany
  7. Motorola Berlin, Germany
  8. Motorola Flensburg, Germany
  9. Multi-Media-Center Hamburg, Germany
  10. Museumsinsel Berlin, Germany
  11. National Bank of Kazakhstan in Almaty, Kazakhstan
  12. National Commercial Bank of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  13. National Research Institute for Nutrition Karlsruhe, Germany
  14. NATO Airbase, Germany
  15. NBP Lodz - National Bank Poland in Lodz, Poznan, Poland
  16. Neue Presse Nürnberg, Germany
  17. NOKIA-Building Bochum, Germany
  18. Nuclear power plant in Stade, Germany
  19. OPEL AG, Rüsselsheim, Germany
  20. Palace of Cultur and Science Warsaw, Poland
  21. Parliament of Brandenburg, Potsdam, Germany
  22. Philip Morris Berlin, Germany
  23. PKO-Bank, Poland
  24. Police of Ludwigshafen, Germany
  25. Police Tunis, Tunisia
  26. Post Museum Berlin, Germany
  27. Poznan Airport, Poland
  28. Prison II in Hamburg, Germany
  29. Prison in Billwerder, Germany
  30. Prison in Bremervörde, Germany
  31. Prison in Bruchsal/Kieslau, Germany
  32. Prison in Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany
  33. Prison in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
  34. Prison in Hohenleuben, Germany
  35. Prison in Hünfeld, Germany
  36. Prison in Lingen, Germany
  37. Prison in Regis-Breitingen, Germany
  38. Prison in Rohrbach, Germany
  39. Prison in Schwerte, Germany
  40. Prison in Stralsund, Germany
  41. Prison in Uelzen, Germany
  42. Prison in Wriezen, Germany
  43. Prison Moabit in Berlin, Germany
  44. Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG, Germany
  45. Provinzial Rheinland Insurance AG Düsseldorf, Germany
  46. PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, the German national test authority) in Berlin, Germany
  47. Public utilities Neubrandenburg, Germany
  48. REIZ Neuruppin, Germany
  49. Roche Sisseln - Cerberus Gas, Switzerland
  50. R + V Insurance Company Wiesbaden, Germany
  51. RWE power plant Frimmersdorf, Germany
  52. RWE power plant in Niederaußem, Germany
  53. Salzgitter AG, Salzgitter, Germany
  54. SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany
  55. SAP Berlin, Germany
  56. Saturn Tower, Vienna, Austria
  57. Saxon hospital of Arnsdorf, Germany
  58. Saxon hospital of Großschweidnitz, Germany
  59. Schering AG Berlin, Germany
  60. Shopping Center Kirchberg, Germany
  61. Shopping Mall Friedrichstadtpassagen Berlin, Germany
  62. Sonnenhof Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
  63. SONY-Center Berlin, Germany
  64. Stary Browar cultural and trading center Poznan, Poland
  65. State agency of Rhineland-Palatinate in Berlin, Germany
  66. State Chancellery of Hesse, Germany
  67. State office of criminal investigation Stuttgart, Germany
  68. STIHL, Waiblingen, Germany
  69. Swiss Live AG, Garching, Germany
  70. T-Center Vienna, Austria
  71. Technical university Wildau, Germany
  72. Theodor Heuss barracks of Stuttgart, Germany
  73. Tiefbau- Employer‘s Liability Insurance Association Munich, Germany
  74. TVP - Technical Network for Government Buildings Berlin, Germany
  75. University of Trier, Germany
  76. UTA Neckarzimmern, Germany
  77. vdek-Verband der Ersatzkassen e.V., Berlin, Germany
  78. VIVA TV Munich, Germany
  79. VW Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany
  80. VW-Bank Braunschweig, Germany
  81. Weihenstephan Brewery Munich, Germany
  82. Wella AG Darmstadt, Germany
  83. Zebra Freizeitmöbel Halbe, Germany
  84. ZVK Wiesbaden, Germany