GEMOS access

intelligent door and emergency exit control, intrusion detection and locking technology

GEMOS access represents another of ela-soft GmbH's own product line in addition to GEMOS. The application options of GEMOS access extend from offline access control systems for small applications to modular and fully integrated parts of building, security or danger management systems.

GEMOS access unites different technical trades involved in the security on and around the door: access control, escape door control, and monitoring systems are linked centrally to the GAM door module. The open interface architecture enables the connection of many customary card readers, e. g. via RS 485 or Wiegand protocol – independently from the applied reading technique. Program core and database are based on years of consistently further developed and innovative GEMOS software philosophy.

Clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications as well as hardware recognition assistants allow for fast and therefore economic handling both during installation and operation.

The integration of GEMOS access into the GEMOS management system smoothly takes place based on the same software core and makes the following and other functions possible:

  • Integration of alarms, events and reports in GEMOS
  • Complete system monitoring of all hardware and software components
  • Visualisation of reports, events and door statuses
  • Controlling from visualised CAD based layout drawings
  • Linking with third-party systems via open interfaces
  • Representations of complex work flows and processes
  • Joint logging of all events
  • Interaction with video, intrusion detection alarm and fire alarm components