GEMOS access compact

GEMOS access compact was especially developed for small to medium-sized applications. In this variation, the entire software
is pre-installed in the GEMOS access compact controller. The system can be immediately used as soon as the peripheral items are connected and the IP address is entered. The existing PC can be used to operate and install the system. Software installation is not required, as PC and controller are connected via the web interface of GEMOS access. The GAC controller and the data stored in its memory are securely accommodated in a cabinet in the computer room or in a floor distribution room.

GEMOS access compact (GAC) registration mask

Performance features:

  • Required space: only 1 rack unit
  • No additional software required
  • Easy start-up
  • High security and availability
  • Activation of burglar alarm zones (without VdS)
  • Upgrade to full system version possible
  • Function upgrades and visualisation are possible via linkage to the GEMOS security information management system

System limits:

  • Max. 1 GEMOS access controller
  • Max. 32 doors on 8 buses
  • Max. 999 identification cards
  • Max. 10 time frames with one calendar
  • Max. 2 intrusion detection alarm zones
  • Max. 2 simultaneous users